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03:59pm 01/07/2006
watch sabrstryk fight

It's an amusing little meme.
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01:56am 30/04/2006
mood: inquisitive
So I'll be applying to Charlotte after my grades all post...
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03:41pm 02/04/2006

Go. Watch. Now.
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More cryptic shit to confuse Dalton   
11:49pm 27/03/2006
mood: curious
Oi, have I had some deep meaningful conversation lately. At least I'm gaining some insight on my own relationship in the meantime. That's always valuable.
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12:42am 26/03/2006
mood: sympathetic
Aphorism of Life from a Gamer:

"If the game wasn't as hard as it is, it wouldn't be worth playing."
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From Karl's   
07:45pm 23/03/2006
  1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 161.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"Up on a long-disregarded bust of a former historian the raven preened itself."

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12:27am 21/03/2006
  Postulate: LiveJournal is a very dangerous tool.  
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09:04pm 16/03/2006
mood: the very definition of curious
bah, i've always had a stupid lucky time with relationships, at least based on those of my friends.

dear lord, thank you for the joy of rationality.

definitely hoping that things clear up soon for certain folks.

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10:53pm 15/03/2006
  Oi. Shit has commenced fan hitting. The worst part is, it's not even the type of shit that directly hits me or that I can do a thing about. I hope my friend can find a way to get things working again.

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07:39pm 23/01/2006
  I'm keeping this short, so as to not spend fourteen hours typing this out.

I am no longer an engineering student.

That's a major lifestyle change right there.  I'm looking at poli sci, later studying public administration right now.   Long story short, I was severely unhappy and concluded that part of my depression stemmed from not fitting into my chosen field of study.  I feel much more positive about my new direction.

I have also added Wellbutrin XL to my meds.  It's nice; it counters side-effects of Zoloft, and puts me in a more energetic state.

Expect to hear more in 3 months time.
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11:24am 05/12/2005
  I came, I saw, I kicked its ass.

The CHE205 Final is slain.
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12:20pm 15/09/2005

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Update: 5.6.3   
02:05am 03/06/2005
mood: blah
Okay, so I've not posted in 7 weeks or so. Are we really surprised? There's a bunch of stuff to get out of the way here.

The Shins concert was fan-fucking-tastic. I really really enjoyed going. I will definitely make their next show in NC as well.

I am now on Zoloft for depression. Basically, I've been floundering since my second semester of college, and it showed no signs of really letting up. So now I've resorted to chemical and psychological therapy to fix my problems.

Heather is back, and though I worry for her, I am much relieved to have her at my side again. I can hardly wait for August to roll around again so that we can be together on a much more regular basis (I am lucky to see her every other day here.)

I need a job. For money. Failing that, I need to volunteer for work experience.

When my iPod developed a mechanical problem, I threatened it with a return to the store. It has been behaving ever since.

I'm in a Star Wars mood again, including having an urge to run an RPG campaign over the next few weeks.

I miss being in Raleigh, and having easy access to friends and entertainment.

The 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube is a lot of fun.

Chris and I are moving to an apartment in Wolf Village with Austin. Building B, apt. 319. The girls are right next door. It should r0x0r.

Feel free to ask questions regarding my wellbeing.

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01:33am 13/04/2005
mood: chipper
Up late. Again. Man does my sleep schedule suck. Planned out my classes for the fall today; 15 hours, classes start at noon Tuesday/Thursday and 10 MWF. Also disassembled one (1) XBox, including my new used Philips DVD drive, in order to clean a mirror and laser lens. Machine purrs like a kitten now; you ain't never seen a 'Box that booted my games so fast. As many of you now know, Heather gets back in less than 5 weeks. This fucking r0x0rs. School finishes up its Spring semester in four weeks, and things seem to be settling down into some good things again. Laundry must be done soon; am running out of shirts, and jeans have grass stains from fielding the one ball that came my way in tonight's softball game. I played my position cleaner than Chris tonight, which is cool; however, I did have much easier stuff sent my way. In any case, I don't much feel like typing more out. I'll chat at y'all again later.

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02:54am 30/03/2005
mood: awake
Feeling some insomnia again, but oddly in a decent mood for once. Played a good chunk of Deus Ex today, on what must be my 5th time through the game. It definitely holds my attention better than a lot of things. I missed talking to Heather today, but timing for it ends up shitty on Braes nights. Had chai again for the first time in 2.5 months; damn was it good. A very spicy blend in this current box, and I am definitely enjoying it immensely. Am going to see the Shins April 30 in Asheville; making a special trip out there to celebrate the rapidly approaching end of semester with Dalton, Jenna, and Tommy. May 31 will be just a month later, and will be badass awesome. I guarantee I'll be wired that day; it'll be nice.

Oh, and something to shock each and every one of you folks: I am switching over to diet sodas. I did the math, and realized that I'd cut out a lot of mood swings and about 750 calories per day. I'm still a very small-framed guy, thank God, but I've a rather annoying little pudge on the tummy area that I don't particularly like.

I'm going to get some sleep soon. I hate running on such low amounts, but it's starting to feel like an inevitability.

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07:57am 28/03/2005
mood: icky
So I've been up for 1:15 so far today. Why, you ask? Damn fire alarm, then it wouldn't quit going off. #^%#^%$#. Now there are severe thunderstorms overhead. So far the day has bit. I have 2:45 worth of sleep, and it's not fun. Blech.
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11:55pm 21/02/2005
mood: geeky
So, um, I too have fallen victim to the Cult of Apple. There is a beautiful 20 GB iPod sitting beside. Open box models can be a great deal; always be sure to ask about them. This player is badass. End of statement.

"If you have the means, I highly recommend it." - Ferris Bueller

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12:00am 15/02/2005
mood: dorky
It is now my birthday. I am no longer a teenager, and begin my third decade alive in this very minute. Though I gain no more rights this year, it is still important to me. Here's to another year of me!

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01:03pm 11/02/2005
mood: geeky
My opinion of Hot Topic is best expressed in these four panels.
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09:17pm 07/02/2005
mood: restless
I hate labs. They must die a vile vile death.

So I have this massive box in my room. 12x24x4 inches. That's two-thirds of a cubic foot of gaming material. It is Twilight Imperium, and it's trying to crush my bookcase.

Currently music bingeing. Great Big Sea has a live album & concert DVD that's pretty damn good. Makes me want to see them in person.

Sent off passport today! That much closer to Scotland now am I.

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